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One of the unique aspects of every store is that all of the products that are on display are freshly baked and prepared in our factory every single day. This means that unlike many food retailers we can guarantee to our customers that nothing we sell is anything but fresh !


Treats Sandwich Bars

With their distinctive triangular logo and friendly lilac interiors Treats snack and sandwich bars are a haven for everyone who loves good food.

Treats branded sandwiches and fresh snacks are always available, as well as a vast range of soft drinks, and of course tea, coffee and hot chocolate.

Most branches stock a full range of confectionery, crisps, cakes and ice cream - but many other miscellaneous items to help the weary traveller and wilting office worker will also be found.

Where space allows seating is provided for customers to relax for a few moments and eat in comfort away from the worries of the world. Most of these locations also have hot food and other delicacies to tempt the more discerning palette.

Friendly staff are one of the key reasons Treats are so successful - they are always ready to help and advise customers - and wet their appetites with the latest in good food ideas.


Treats specialise in a whole range of foods you might expect to find in a good delicatessen or fresh from your mother's oven. Quality is guaranteed because treats have become experts in controlling food production and in selecting the finest produce.

Exotic foods find a home in most branches. From Cajun Tomato chicken to Pastrami salad - Brie & Bacon Baguette, Thai Chicken or Houmous and Tahini salad - it varies from branch to branch but all of them are a delight to the taste buds.

Treats have a very serious commitment to quality and every product they sell must live up to the high standards they set.

Vegetarians will not be disappointed when they pay a visit to Treats. Suitable fillings will be found in many of the sandwiches, bagels and rolls, as well as vegetable samosas, spring rolls etc, all catering for the discerning vegetarian. Yoghurts, Houmous, nuts and other tasty tit bits can also be found.


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