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Our Food Factory

Treats was developed as a central production unit to service all the Treats branches and to ensure they always have consistent top quality products to sell.
The factory occupies some 16,000 square feet and is custom fitted to the highest standards.

There are three main production areas :

  • Sandwich room / salad production.
  • Fryer room - for production of cooked and savoury snacks.
  • Bakery - primarily for pastry products.

Treats Factory production and supply service has been so successful in recent years that they now supply a range of products to other retail companies in the UK.

We are Always looking for new ways to satisfy the hungry customer.

Treats are constantly creating new sandwich combinations, imaginative snack ideas, and following up on opportunities identified by staff at Treats branches.

Hygiene and Quality Control :

  • Great care is taken during and after preparation (all under supervision).
  • Right type of clothing is used, i.e. hats, gloves, aprons etc.
  • All products used are fresh and undergo quality control.
  • All of the packaging used is of the highest quality.


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