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Established in 1978, the Treats is a family controlled chain of snack and sandwich bars in Central London supported by a highly efficient food factory in West London

All the snack and sandwich bars trade under the Treats banner and specialise in catering for the busy shopper and hungry office worker. A wide variety of food is available, from the humble but delicious sandwich to the more exotic samosa - the larger the location, the greater the selection.

Many of the larger locations also have seating areas and are equipped to cook a vast array of hot dishes, all designed to tempt the most ravenous of customers. Satisfying customers with as wide a choice as possible is what motivates every branch manager.


The Treats has developed a sound base of expertise and experience, which will ensure a steady pattern of growth for their products. They have also embarked on a plan to steadily increase their sandwich bar penetration in the London area and beyond.

The group plan to acquire additional shop units in the region of 200 - 2,000 square feet in Central and North West London - and even smaller units would be considered if traffic flows are good; in fact the smallest unit to carry the Treats fascia is just 100 square feet. Ideal locations will have easy access with high levels of pedestrian traffic passing the door or be sited in high-density office areas.


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